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Reset Form Beneficiary Designation Form Transamerica Life Insurance Company Home Office 4333 Edgewood Road NE Cedar Rapids IA 52499 the Company Policy Number Insured s Name Written confirmation of this change if recorded by the Company will be mailed to the owner s address unless otherwise indicated below and initialed by the owner.
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Hi I'm Jenna I'm here to assist you in filling out the beneficiary change form from pensions and benefits USA this form is used for making changes in the selection of beneficiaries who receive proceeds from insurance plans offered by pensions and benefits these may include coverage provided for you by P and B such as the pensioners death benefit plan the pastor's life insurance plan or additional plans in which you are enrolled this document allows P and B in our insurance underwriter Aetna to expedite the disposition of funds after your passing as insurance proceeds payments to beneficiaries from these sources bypass probate in most cases this allows proceeds to be distributed fairly quickly speaking of speeding at the process to help expedite claims we recommend you complete one beneficiary designation change form for each plan in which you are enrolled it is important to review them periodically as there are changes in your life such as marriage birth divorce death and so on before we begin here are a few guidelines that will benefit you and help us number one please type or print your responses in ink and make sure your handwriting is easily read this is a legal document and it's important that everyone who deals with it can clearly understand your wishes number two if you make a mistake just start over with a new form they're available in fillable forms at PB USA org and are easily printed out on your own printer the use of liquid paper are marking through a mistake gives the appearance of a change and might result in your wishes being questioned you want to avoid the appearance that anyone other than you completed this form number three be sure to sign and date your form before returning it to us an unsigned undated form is not a legal document also be aware that typically the insurance company won't approve a form which is signed by a power of attorney in number four if you wish to list a will estate or trust as a beneficiary this is not the correct form for you in such case email us that help at PB USA org in preparing to complete this form here are a few things to consider before you start number one give careful thought to who you choose be aware there is no legally binding requirement that would compel the beneficiary of your proceeds to carry out your wishes even if you have a prior agreement with them for instance if you choose to make a friend the beneficiary with the understanding he will use the money to care for your infant children that person may choose to honor or disregard your wishes without legal consequences so be careful about who you select number two minor children should not be listed as beneficiaries an insurance company cannot pay a benefit to a minor child doing this would result in cumbersome legal procedures that could cost time and money in most cases it's best to leave the benefits to your spouse and let him or her take care of the children number three do not list yourself it's important that you don't list...